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Coby Kennedy

Coby Kennedy’s work deals with often unspoken and unaddressed dynamics of media’s influence on modern social entitlement and problematics of self-image. Using the communication tools of advertising and the entertainment industry, his painting, sculpture and video works hint at unspoken truths -- the culture of veiled intent and questions of subjective realities. Exploring the grey area between Fine Arts and Industrial Design, the work touches on Kurzweilian issues of The Singularity, as well as exploring often overlooked global issues of social class, power and influence as it exists today, has existed in the past, and as it will exist tomorrow.

Coby Kennedy

Supply and Demand, 2016

fiberglass, resin, plastic, one channel video

84 x 48 x 18 inches


Plaza, Geffen Contemporary at MOCA


Supply and Demand explores the role of corporate business in the practice of social genocide, realized as full-size commercial vending machines perpetuating urban violence for profit, selling everything from fully automatic assault weapons to intoxicating liquor and drugs. Consumers are presented with items that corporate businesses directly and surreptitiously fund, without the middleman. In its practice of maximizing profits at a low overhead costs, the company in question, Kroger, builds each vending machine for a different audience, highlighting the exploitable traits found in us all. The machines and accompanying video ask the viewer: at what stage do media and corporate interests create and perpetuate stereotypes that become mainstream popular opinion? At what point do they begin making profit? This installation addresses the idyllic foundations of the United States and asks to what extent they have been perverted from their original intent. Can these ideals survive in the contemporary climate?

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